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How many of them are there?

How it is made?

It varies from product to product. Most of the products (mostly badges) are made with combination of 3D printing (and post-processing) from ABS plastic with laser-cutted brushed aluminium textured letters to achieve trusty look. Some of the products are made with other types of technologies such as thermal forming.

Are the photos real?

Yes, all of our product photos are real and represents real state of the given product.

What about the dimensions?

We try to make the badges as close to OEM as possible, that includes 3D scanning of the badges to give a proper scale and shape to the badges. However we do not have every badge in our possesion. For the badge that is not in our possesion we use reference photos and measurements given by our friends and customers. We also include basic dimensions in every product description, so you can check it for yourself. 

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